Monday, August 31, 2009

Raw Food Sweets Class // 27. Sept. 09

class description:

  • what exactly are raw living foods?
  • why enzymatically active foods are beneficial to human health
  • principles of life food preparation / what makes dishes taste good
  • principles of testing substances for yourself; what is beneficial for you and what might be less than beneficial (allergies, sensitivities)
  • learn how to prepare raw living desserts (all organic produce will be supplied)
  • foods prepared will be enjoyed at the end of the class
this is meant as an introduction to life foods. continuing classes and / or private counseling are available upon request.
date:  sunday, 27. september 09
time:  1pm - 4pm
location:   zurich
language:  the class will be held in German and/or English
cost:  Sfr. 60.-
bring:  tupperware type containers to take home left overs
register:   mayart (at)  //  078 802 8195 

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